Shah Faesal’s bold assertion

Shah Faesal’s bold assertion
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Former IAS topper, Dr Shah Faesal, who quit his job and joined politics recently, during his maiden speech as a politician in Kupwara made a bold assertion that as a government officer he was unable to help his people and after quitting his job he has heaved a sigh of relief.
Emergence of Dr Faesal at the political arena of Jammu and Kashmir has evoked mixed reaction from the people. Many say that he taken a “big risk” by quitting his job and taking a plunge into politics but others believe that Kashmir needs leaders, who can pull out the Valley from quagmire of uncertainty.
As parliamentary and general elections are approaching there is every possibility about many new faces appearing on the political arena of the Valley but Dr Faesal joining politics is a big development. Only time will tell whether Dr Faesal as a politician would be able to create space for himself or not.
His resignation from the top post should serve as an eye opener for the people sitting in New Delhi they have to reconsider their Kashmir policy and stop watching Kashmir only through the prism of security agencies.
Kashmir is not only about maintaining law and order only. The political dimensions of Kashmir need to be understood and addressed. The biggest question which the people sitting in Delhi need to answer is why Dr Faesal despite being an IAS topper left his job and joined the common people in Kashmir? It indicates that there is something seriously wrong within the system. Dr Faesal’s assertion that he couldn’t do anything for his people despite holding the top post says it all. New Delhi needs to empower the people of Kashmir rather than just viewing them with suspicion.