Bhat hails role of civil society Ajas to get degree college for the area

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Srinagar, Feb 5: Former legislator Nizamuddin Bhat has hailed the resilience of the civil society of Ajas and their concerted efforts to get a Degree College for the area.
Bhat said civil society had a genuine cause but had to face several difficulties in pursuing their demand. “They have succeeded because they remained united and persistent. Now they have an occasion to celebrate as the college has been formally approved.”
Bhat said the society is playing a constructive role in getting social issues highlighted for people’s positive involvement.
“Having gained credibility, they will continue to play a fruitful and meaningful role to lift the area from present morass and apathy to a hopeful future.
Bhat thanked government for acknowledging the legitimate demand and giving formal approval for establishing degree college at Ajas.
He hoped that Ajas PHC and other public institutions will get due attention as these lack appropriate facilities.