Vakil asks people to remain careful of NC’s politics of deceit

Srinagar, Feb 1: Senior leader of Peoples Conference (PC) and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil said the National Conference and PDP are mother of all evils in Kashmir and both the parties have looted state whenever they grabbed power by hook or crook.
Taking a strong note of Omar Abdullah’s remarks about “revocation of PSA if NC comes to power”, Vakil said it was NC that introduced PSA, POTA and other such draconian laws in the state. The NC has misused these laws and the same party now wants to befool the people by promising to repeal it but he stressed upon the people to remain careful of NC politics of deciet. Vakil asked Omar Abdullah why he was silent on the issue when he was in power for 6 years from 2008 to 2014.
The prevailing crisis in Jammu and Kashmir is plunged into is all because of National Conference as NC leadership has taken wrong decisions on different occasions while dealing with Kashmir issue and decieved peopel from time to time. Vakil added.
Vakil said Sheikh Abdullah introduced PSA in J&K and later his son Farooq Abdullah rigged elections in 1987 and got the elected leaders arrested under the same law. “Now they are talking to revoke it, as they need votes from people to grab power but they must understand that the people of the State are no more fools now. It is NC who introduced corruption in the State and rates where fixed for absorbing unemployed youth in different departments and the same process of corruption was at all time high in Omar Abdullah regime. Vakil added.
Vakil advised Farooq Abdullah not to contest coming elections on moral grounds unless exoanriated from Rs 115 Crore Cricket scam where he is one of the main accused and is on bail. The people of the State would have not faced the present situation prevailing in the Valley where thousands have been killed, hundreds have lost Eye sight, hundreds are missing if Farooq Abdullah would not have rigged 1987 elections that forced youth to pickup the gun.
“We are in the mess because of NC, and people must remain careful of deciet politics of NC and use their vote carefully and with responsibility in the forthcoming elections to save this state from these merchants whose hands are drenched with the blood of Kashmiris.