PDP, PC mock Omar over his ‘PSA revocation remarks’

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Srinagar, Jan 31: National Conference leader Omar Abdullah’s remarks evoked instant reaction from the other mainstream leaders who likewise Omar have pulled up their socks for the forthcoming elections in the state.
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on its official twitter handle hit out at National Conference. “A party that convinced the idea and acts like PSA, POTA, AFSPA to muzzle the dissent voices, rigged elections in 1987, booked elected people in jails and declared them militants are now asking for majority to revoke PSA. Illogical!” PDP tweeted.
Peoples Conference chief and former minister Sajjad Gani Lone said now NC introduced it, misused it, and now want votes to repeal it.
In his tweets, Lone said: “Omar Abdullah says will repeal PSA if NC elected with majority. This Act was introduced by Sheikh sahib in 1975. Initially meant for timber smugglers. Was misused. From 1975 to 1989 NC was in power. NC introduced it misused it and now wants votes to repeal it.”
In another tweet, Lone said, “1st generation Sheikh sahib :-PSA introduced by NC 2nd generation Dr Farooq sahib :- POTA introduced to state by NC) 3rd generation Omar Abdullah:- jurisdiction of NIA extended to J&K by NC.” (KNS)