Kargil-Skardu route lifeline, should be reopened: Muntazir Mehdi

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Srinagar, Jan 30: J&K Anjuman Sharie Shian has reaffirmed its firm support to the people of Kargil for demanding to open the historic Kargil-Skardu to meet there relatives across the line.
In a statement, Anjuman Sharie Shian’s Aga Syed, Muntazir Mehdi emphasized that such historic initiative will give great hope to the peace-loving people of the Sub-Continent and fill us with optimism of such initiatives in diverse fields in the future and in the future as well.
Muntazir Mehdi said, “The opening of historic routes is a must for resolution of the burning issues in our region and it is our great misfortune that our historical road links have been choked and thus people suffer like hell.”
“In the age of nuclear weapons, the peace process cannot be postponed further. It is not only us who are under militaristic insecurity but as we have seen it spreads in one or the other form to the entire region,” Muntazir observed.
Muntazir Mehdi made it clear that Kargil-Skardu road is lifeline for millions and it should not be held back.
He prayed that the sufferings of Kashmiris too end and our aspiration too actualize soon, our divided families too unite, religious places be thrown open and our young generation live pious and peaceful life. (KNS)