GP Fund Scam: Year on, health deptt’s report awaits Govt action

Srinagar, Jan 29: Despite elapsing a year, the state government has utterly failed to take action on the report submitted by Health Department in the probe in GP Fund Scam that surfaced in Bandipora hospital in the month of January last year.
The scam in Bandipora hospital was surfaced in the February last year wherein 129 GP Fund Accounts were found fake, generated by officials in health Bandipora to accommodate a huge number of employees illegally recruited across the district, reports said.
During investigation, it was reveal that 129 GP Fund numbers, 86 are from Gurez block, 26 are from Bandipora block and 17 are from Hajin block were found fake after investigation by Finance department and subscriptions of these employees are made from last many years recruited in violation of norms from the year 2005 to 2016.
Following the scam, the Directorate of Health Services Kashmir has later attached 17 employees of the department in district Bandipora vide order number 104/ NG of 2018, dated 02-02-2018, including CMO Bandipora, BMO Bandipora, BMO Gurez and BMO Hajin.
However, the attachment order was modified later, thereby cancelling the attachment order of CMO and three BMOs and were asked to continue their services at their places of postings vide order No:104/NG of 2018 Dated:-02-02-2018 issued under endorsement No:- Est-5NG-719/296-323, Dated:-02/02/2018.
Following the expose, a committee was constituted separately to investigate the matter of ‘fake’ GP Fund account numbers. Till submission of final report by the Committee, the officials and employees of the department are hereby attached and directed to report DHSK, the order had said.
Sources within the Health Department said that, as a year passed since the Scam surfaced in Bandipora hospital, no action has been taken yet by the Govt against the accused officials. He said that Govt also directed to stopping the salaries of said officials and 129 employees whose accounts were found fake.
Earlier, it was came to fore that Health department Bandipora has generated fake 129 GP Fund numbers to accommodate huge number of Employees illegally across the district in violation of norms from 2005 to 2016.
Sources within the fund office said that, after a thorough verification of records, it has reported that these numbers are out-rightly fictitious and do not find any place in records and were found fake smell rat in the appointment of newly recruited employees.
CMO Bandipora, Dr Bilkes said that, “We have submitted all details to DHSK and withheld the Salaries of all 129 Employees. We don’t receive any information in this regard since then, it is up to them to take action.”
When Contacted Director Health Services Kashmir (DHSK), Dr Kunzas Dolma, she however refused to comment about the further course of action in this regard.
People said that, state government and officials are yet to come up with the details of probe regarding the GP Fund scam.
They alleged that officials are hand-in-glove with politically well influential persons and facilitate them.
People have raised eye brows against the Health officials for their huge embezzlement in pouring the huge fund to their homes due to which Common masses suffering.
As, nepotism ruins the health department in Bandipora, Common masses are suffering with each passing day.
They alleged that favoritism has badly affected the functioning of Health System in Bandipora.
They added Bandipora hospital is an epitome of corruption. It was huge requirement scam which needs thorough probe as officials are in Nexus with Politically well influential persons violated all norms while Making Recruitments, Locals said.
Earlier, number of officials including CMO and two BMOs were attached by Director Health Services Kashmir who were allegedly found involved in many frauds exposed by different outlets of media.(KNO)