Walkout for what?

Walkout for what?
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Senior leaders of Peoples Democratic Party and MLCs Naeem Akther and Khurshid Alam Bhat walking away from the R-Day venue in Srinagar has triggered a row.

Both the leaders alleged that they were made to sit with the junior government officers and they were made to walk through mud to reach the venue of the Republic Day function. Akther has said that he won’t register any formal complaint but Bhat has said that he would file a privilege motion as he was humiliated by the Governor’s administration.

The government employees have taken a strong note of both Akther and Bhat feeling humiliated by being made to sit with the officials. Interestingly, both Akther and Bhat were government employees before entering into the politics. It’s strange now they feel that sitting with them is “below their dignity.”

A few government employees took to the social media to protest against the remarks of both the MLCs. Some employees wrote on the social media that we understand MLC post deserves full respect but that doesn’t mean “we are in anyway inferior to them.”

One can understand that elections are approaching and politicians want to remain in limelight but that doesn’t mean that they would “insult” anyone to make the headlines.

Since Saturday this issue is being discussed everywhere and both the leaders to an extent have become talk of the town. The publicity stunt has worked but it has hurt the sentiments of the employees. This incident should serve as a lesson for the administration and it should ensure next time that “VIPs “ are kept way from the common people, including the government officers, as they take it as an insult to sit with them and walkout as a mark of protest.