Bhat expresses concern over plight of backward communities in Bandipora

Bhat expresses concern over plight of backward communities in Bandipora
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Jammu, Jan 27: Former legislator Nizamuddin Bhat has expressed concern over the plight of residents of hill areas in Bandipore and castigated administration for their casual approach towards people’s problems.
Bhat in a statement said snow has yet not been cleared from Kudara road owing to which whole population here and nearby habitations is virtually stranded. “Similarly, Vevan, Chandaji and Hapatnar localities suffer for drinking water, health care, and poor connectivity.”
He said these and many other villages have been raising their issues for long but are not heard and their woes have compounded in absence of redressal.
Bhat said district administration need to project their problems for a solution through early planning and funding from the government.
“Rural development department, health, power, public health engineering and social welfare departments should work in harmony to provide basic needs to the suffering people.”
Bhat said all Gujjar habitations and Wular villages have been suffering immensely for lack of adequate funding to raise required infrastructure in these areas to provide these the due share of development.”
He said it is unfortunate that Wular conservation project and Tribal sub-plan is proving visibly inadequate to address the real development issues of Mahigirs and Gujjars to alleviate poverty and enhance the growth of the two communities.
He appealed Governor administration to call for a review of development plans in Bandipore in reference to the plight of backward communities and habitations for appropriate attention.