Killings pain everyone

Killings pain everyone
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Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik has once again reiterated that he feels pained if a militant is killed. He once again urged the militants to give up arms and return to the mainstream.
Since the day Governor Malik has taken over the reins of the state he on many occasions has asked the militants to surrender but they haven’t. Governor Malik needs to pay some attention towards the political dimension of Kashmir and try to address the reason behind the alienation of Kashmiri youth.
He should ascertain what has pushed Kashmiri youth to wall? Everyone in Kashmir is aware about the fact that violence begets violence. And it won’t lead to any solution.
All the stakeholders in Kashmir are of the opinion that the Government of India needs to show some flexibility and explore the option of entering into talks with the separatists in Kashmir. Even the mainstream politicians have suggested that talks should be held with militant leadership to end bloodshed in Kashmir. But New Delhi has not paid any heed towards the voices being raised to hold the dialogue with the separatists and the militant leadership.
According to the official figures more than 250 militants were killed in the year 2018 and since the beginning of this year sixteen militants have been killed in different operations across the Valley. The violence is continuing unabated and there seems no end to it. Neither of the sides is ready to give in. If the Government of India really wants to address the issues confronting youth it needs to break the ice and at least make a beginning by offering talks to separatists, who can play a role in silencing the guns in Kashmir. If GoI continues with its iron fist attitude then Kashmir would continue to burn.