Former Minister Gani Vakil joins PC

Srinagar, Jan 24: Senior leader and former minister, Advocate Abdul Gani Vakil on Thursday joined Peoples’ Conference (PC) in presence of party Chairman, Sajad Gani Lone.
Welcoming Vakil into the party, Lone addressing a news conference said that Abdul Gani Vakil was a stalwart of politics in the State and the politics of Change would continue to gain a momentum with such self-made, mass leaders choosing the ‘Caravan of Change’.
“Abdul Gani Vakil started his politics with Late Abdul Gani Lone and Late Molvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari and has worked tireless and with commitment for the people of the State. We welcome him to the Peoples’ Conference family and have no doubt in our minds that with his joining the party will be strengthened in its ability and its resolve to effect drastic change in the State’s politics”, Sajad Lone said.
Addressing the presser, Vakil thanked PC Chairperson Sajad Gani Lone for reposing faith in him and his intent to deliver change. “I thank Sajad Lone and Imran Ansari for starting a movement for Change, a cause which I have been tirelessly fighting for throughout my political journey spanning 43 years. I am joining hands with Peoples’ Conference to fight the two entitled dynasties who have done nothing but exploit the people of J&K for decades,” he said.
“I have single-handedly and relentless voiced the issue of widespread corruption patronized by both NC and PDP Government for the last 43 years. The two dynasties are responsible for the vicious mess in Kashmir as they have never let democracy flourish in the strife stricken state. Dynastic rule is no less than dictatorship. These dynasties can stoop to any level to grab power and to hold on to it,” he said.
These ‘family-limited’ governments have been responsible for thousands of killings in the past seven decades. Enormous amounts of public money have been swindled and embezzled by both families and their parties and yet we have no inquiry or accountability till now. NC and PDP are hand-in-glove in their goal to kill Kashmiris and loot and plunder the State, Abdul Gani Vakil said.
“Today Dr. Farooq Abdullah has the audacity and shamelessness to talk about ending anti-militancy operations. What about the operations that he authorized and scripted from 1996 to 2002 when thousands of innocent Kashmiris were mercilessly killed? Does he have no shame left? If anyone is the prime culprit for the murder and genocide of Kashmiris – it is National Conference,” he said.
They are the architects of every single spell of repression and brutality launched against the people of Kashmir. The same Farooq Abdullah who speak of Autonomy, shamelessly swallowed his sense of self respect when the autonomy resolution was thrown into the dustbin of history, he added.
“The same Farooq Abdullah who waxes eloquent about dignity and courage today remained a shameless, mute spectator when a previous Governor refused to administer oath of office to Ministers nominated by him. He continued to stick to his chair despite one humiliation after another,” Vakil added.
“It ironic that Omar Abdullah has the gall to talk about BJP and point fingers at others. Omar Abdullah’s political birth is solely attributable to BJP and RSS. His political birth happened at RSS Headquarters at Nagpur when he was included as a Minister in the Vajpayee Government as a first-time, inexperience, disconnected MP. The same NC that wants to fool the people by its rhetoric against the BJP today expelled Saif-ud-din Soz from NC for voting against the BJP in the Parliament. Now Farooq Abdullah wants to lay the foundation stone of Ram Mandir. He hasn’t left one single platform or one single opportunity in his life to please the RSS. Farooq Abdullah was the first political leader from J&K who forged an alliance with the BJP. When Farooq Abdullah is in power he wants to carpet bomb Pakistan and Pakistan Administered Kashmir and when out of power he wants Azaadi for Kashmir. We will expose them and their treacherous politics of opportunism”, Abdul Gani Vakil added.
Those present on the occasion included senior party leaders Imran Reza Ansari, Bashir Ahmad Dar, Junaid Azim Mattu and Rafiabad constituency head Khursheed Ahmad Khan among others. (KNS)