People protest at Naidkhai Sonawari against PDD

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Marki Aadil

Bandipora, Jan 24: Residents of Naidkhai Sonawari on Thursday staged a protest against PDD and blocked Sumbal Sopore road for hours.
A large number of people of Tangpora Mohalla of Naidkhai Sonawari in Bandipora district on Thursday assembled near Power Receiving Station Naidkhai blocked Sumbal Sopore road for hours.
The residents of the area alleged the power development department (PDD) failed to provide electricity in their areas for last two months.
The protesters raised slogans against PDD and said that the area is without electricity from two months which makes a common man’s life a hell, especially students and the old age people are suffering.
“We are facing a lot of difficulties due to the unavailability of electricity” said a female student of the area.
“In Chilli-Kalan the electricity is the basic need but we the people from Naidkhai Tangpora are without electricity from last two months which makes our village a dark village” said a protester.
The concerned AEE (PDD) and SDM Sumbal reached the spot and assured the protesters that their grievance will be resolved soon.