Pearl of wisdom

Peerzada Rukhsar

(Everyone has dream but not everybody has unbridled enthusiasm)

As the saying goes, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world’. Same is the case here. As such, some stories are worth sharing, some stories are worth hearing, some stories are praiseworthy and commendable. Because we are oblivious and nascent over some stories. Read real life stories, true tales where real people from different backgrounds, different places and cultures share their own experiences. Whether they are tragic, ordinary or extra ordinary. Real life stories that shape the puzzle of life. It is no body but somebody who made not only muslim community but entire nation proud by cracking the coveted exam IAS (Indian Administrative Service) with AIR (all India rank) 361 and became youngest IAS at the age of 21 in his very First attempt.
Yes, Ansar Ahmad Shaikh, a son of an auto Rickshaw driver who hails from the village shelgaon (district jalna) Maharashtra. Ansar who comes from a rural area a place where if you look at the newspaper to a local one that would reach to his place after three or four days. He had no 3G or 4G connectivity there. His economic background was not such that he could get coaching in Dehli or any other place. He married thrice. Ansars mother is second one. Ansar has two sisters both got married at the early age. He has one younger brother (Anis sheikh) but Ansar calls him a bigger one because he stood by him all the ways. Ansars mother had got mental disorder owing to Gordian knot and she was remained under medical treatment for complete one year. His father had got alcohol addiction and used to drink wine. Ansar grew up in byzantine and has seen social malady like domestic violence, child marriage, dowry, menaces and blah blah blah.
Ansar has done his schooling in a vernacular medium till 12th. After completion his 12th with 95%.He thought about Pune to pursuing his BA honours in (political science) and also for the uplift and for good environment. So Ansar went (FERGUSSION College) which is placed in Pune. One of the very few college which has cosmopolitan atmosphere . it is a college where pin drop silence is maintained which is a very rare site. He went there in June 2012 and had only few chapples and clothes, he had nothing but only hope and unbridled enthusiasm which very few people possess. See everyone has a dream but the ability, the aptness, the zeal and zest to fulfil those dreams that is what makes you different from others. He was satiated with unbridled enthusiasm towards his goal. He had to go through ruthless circumstances but he never gave up, he took them as a challenge and moved on…
Ansar used to study 10-12 hours per day and vis-a-vis with his hobbies as well. He had commenced his preparation from June2012 to June 2016 and throughout these years he was hell bent with razor-sharp focus. He had never looked back notwithstanding having all odds. But he was optimist and had hope because hope does wonders. He was at breakneck pace throughout his journey. And ultimately three years of die hard struggle paid off. Finally dream came true. Finally Ansar achieved this milestone with Titanic struggle and mountainous courage. And brought pride to Maharashtra. Being the victim of conflict ansar proved that despite having all odds despite the hardships and adversities in life, one can do marvels if he/she is hell bent and committed towards objective. Being the student of govt school and grown up in a rural area he proved that success doesn’t see the rural or urban area, private or govt school nor family background, what it sees is commitment, perseverance and dedication. In an interview Ansar said, hardwork has no substitute. Of course it takes time for a seed to grow. Be a trailblazer. Ladders are instant.
Bottomline: In September 2017 I had the opportunity to meet with Dr Shah faesal. We had a good meet around thirty minutes. He insisted me on some particular things which I want to share with you.
Ist: He told me to make a habit of newspaper reading either it be (Hindu or Indian express) never break this cycle.
Second: Make a proper use of Internet. He also insisted me to have a good vocabulary because it is a best capsule to cut through any the VIE and when I was on the verge of leaving that very place few incredible words he said to me.
Be Escapist, optimist, hedonidt and head on to advance. Laugh at Sorrows. Make Sorrows your cohorts. Deal with them the way they will be ashamed of themselves.