People block Natipora-Nowgam bypass road against power failure

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Srinagar, Jan 22: Large number of vehicles got stranded after people blocked the busy Natipora-Nowgam bypass road in the uptown Srinagar against power failure for the past two weeks.
People hit the streets at Azadbasti Natipora on Tuesday alleging that for the past 24 hours, power supply in over two dozen areas, including Budshah Nagar, Pamposh Coloney and Bismillah colony remained off. Traffic came to halt and large number of vehicles, including those plying to and fro Nowgam Railway station, got stranded as demonstrators refused to allow any vehicle.
Raising slogans against the Power Development Department (PDD) the demonstrators alleged that besides chilly weather conditions they had to face dark nights because of the deliberate negligence of the department.
For the past two weeks we were hardly supplied four hour power in 24 hours, they alleged and said every time when the grid station was being contacted they were informed that some switch was faulty. The demonstrators alleged that the PDD was purchasing second hand switches from BabDemb, where scrapes are being sold to draw huge bills against it.
They further alleged that the power saved from our areas was being supplied to colonies where bureaucrats and other top government functioning are residing to impress them that everything is alright. If the switch are getting damaged due to overload why they are not distributing the load among areas where bureaucrats are living, they demanded.
However, a PDD official when contacted said yesterday there was some fault in main distribution line of 11000 KV which was now under repair. He admitted that there was some problem in the condenser (capacitor) which was getting damaged due to overload. However, he could not give answer when asked why load was not being distributed to avoid damage to condenser.
The demonstrators later suspended their agitation after they were assured that power supply will be restored soon.