Mehbooba not ready to take blame

Mehbooba not ready to take blame
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After being expelled from the party former finance minister and senior leader Altaf Bukhari has raised a valid point. i.e. if the president of Peoples Democratic Party Mehbooba Mufti can take credit for building the party then why can’t she admit her failure as a leader and step down.
Prior to Altaf Bukhari, PDP expelled Basharat Bukhari and Peer Mohammad Hussain, while Imran Ansari, Abid Ansari, Mohammad Abbas, Javed Mustafa Mir, Yasir Reshi and others said goodbye to the party on their own.
The rebellion in the party came to fore soon after the BJP pulled out from PDP led government in June last year. Imran Ansari and his uncle Abid Ansari were the first ones to raise the banner of revolt. Slowly other leaders also came forward and castigated Mehbooba for turning PDP into a “family affair” and for just entertaining a coterie, which remained at her beck and call.
After the fall of her government Mehbooba had lot of time, she could have tried building the bridges but even after losing the Chief Minister’s post she kept on blaming others for PDP being in mess.
Governor Satya Pal Malik dissolving the Legislative Assembly proved to be the parting shot for the PDP. After that PDP legislators and second rung leaders went on a resignation spree.
Today PDP stands nowhere but still Mehbooba is insisting that she has built the party and she cannot be blamed for its debacle. Altaf Bukhari asking her to take the responsibility for PDP’s fall seems to be a “bitter pill” which Mehbooba cannot swallow. She recently described the rebel leaders of her party as “garbage” and had even claimed that they deserting the party hardly made any difference. It’s high time for Mehbooba to realize her mistakes and acknowledge that as a leader she failed to deliver.