Elections no cakewalk for NC, PDP

Elections no cakewalk for NC, PDP
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National General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party Ram Madhav stating that his party would look for “new friends” to form the government in Jammu and Kashmir has ruffled many feathers.
After the dissolution of the State Assembly National Conference has been claiming that coalition experiments have failed in Jammu and Kashmir and people should give mandate to a single party. But everyone knows that NC’s wish won’t be fulfilled and it would have to look for an alliance partner if it wants to rule Jammu and Kashmir again.
There is every possibility that Election Commission of India would hold the parliamentary and assembly elections in the state separately. Who will come to power at the Centre would decide the fate of Jammu and Kashmir. If BJP succeeds in winning the 2019 parliamentary polls, then there is every possibility about Madhav’s prediction that his party would look for “new friends” coming true. If Congress wins then the political equation in J&K would change drastically. Both NC and PDP would try their best to develop cordial relations with the Congress and seek its Ashirwad.
Parliamentary elections would set the stage for assembly elections in the state and would indicate the mood of people. This time around PDP is one the weak wicket in the Valley and NC is in a better position but the emergence of other political forces like Sajad Lone led Peoples Conference and the possibility about another political front coming to fore could prove detrimental for the PDP and NC as the local parties would eat up their vote share. Both NC and PDP are aware about this factor and they know that coming elections are not going to be a “cakewalk.”