Does “Movies encourage social evils”

Does “Movies encourage social evils”
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Suhail Amaan Mir

Gone the times when parents and elders were ready to watch the movie with their children! With the more western perspective, it is becoming seamlessly difficult for our culture,
Most of the movies make us feel like taking alcohol is a casual thing. Lead characters drink alcohol and it is shown as a cool thing. Though there will be a warning line such as ‘smoking and drinking is injurious to health’, that can easily be ignored considering the influence heroes of Indian cinema have on youth. People justify their drinking and smoking habits by relating themselves to characters in movies.
Some movies highlight anti-social elements such as Dons and criminal gangs. These movies influence people to sympathise with the characters that have negative shadow.
In many movies, lead characters take law into their hands and kills people in the name of revenge, which sends a very bad message to society. We, as a society should respect our justice system.
Many movies add item songs or so-called special songs which objectify women and depict them in a derogatory way. And the female lead characters in those movies are loyal to male lead characters, whereas male lead character flirts and passes lewd comments on the girl in special songs. This does not have any positive thing at all. It just encourages social evils.
Stalking and chasing women for love are generally shown as heroic in Indian movies. As a result, stalking and killing people for not accepting love proposal are common things in India.
Present day films are mostly based on love between girls and boys now what happens is youth are going to watch movies and they will apply the same to their real life due to this they are diverting from their study or work. This is the most embarrassing moment we have. What we need is the movies related to inspirational and patriotism.
Several criminals when arrested admit to having got the idea of their crimes – thefts, murders and kidnappings – from so and so film. Psychiatrists have often traced juvenile delinquencies and violence of films.
Teenagers become easy fashion victim of the skimpy dresses worn.Everytime we see in Indian films a man with beard is labelled as terrorist or Muslim what they want to show audience,
Hope you got my point.
That is how I think movies affect our youth. And now the film makers have to decide what they should show to their viewers
The Writer is an engineer in Rural Electrification Corporation and can be reached at