Bhat urges Bandipora admin to resolve KVK issue amicably

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Jammu, Jan 21: Former legislator Nizamuddin Bhat on Monday urged Bandipora district administration to resolve the KVK dispute amicably and stop harassing locals of Putushai village.
In a statement, Bhat said that KVK is for the benefit of the public and they should not be harassed and pitched against the administration as it is an anti-people act which should be avoided.
Bhat appealed the authorities to resolve this dispute amicably and with the support of the public. “Dispute should be resolved for the institution. Institutions have to grow but the public concerns and resentment should be looked into and any kind of harassment should be avoided,” he added
He urged the administration to resort to peaceful means so that the dispute is resolved amicably.
Bhat also demanded the upgradation of primary and middle schools of several areas of Bandipora. “Old boy’s primary school of Chittibandey has been ignored which should have been upgraded. Particularly, schools in Gujjar areas of Bandipora should also be upgraded,” he said.