‘Bragging’ about death-count in Kashmir unfortunate: Tarigami

Srinagar, Jan 18: The army commander’s purported “bragging” about death-count in Kashmir is unfortunate. Whether civilians, security personnel or militants are killed, death-count can never be a “wonderful news.”
This conflict is consuming many young bright lives since decades and it can never be “wonderful news”. Killings are a tragic saga and ways and means need to be explored to end the bloodshed. There has to be a serious appraisal on why are the youth leaning towards militancy in the first place?
The question that one needs to ask is how to achieve an end to the deep-rooted sense of alienation and frustration among the youth when the government is only defining its approach only through muscular policy and not going for dialogue and reconciliation. Another tragedy is the repressive ways of choking the voices of dissent and democratic space.
An objective analysis would certainly take these factors into account. Alienation and anger can only create a situation conducive for violence. Such a situation is bound to give rise to extremism as well.
In order to end this existing political alienation and anger, a serious initiative to analyze the major causes of this anger has to be taken. What is required is a serious effort for in-depth study of the present crisis.
Finally, all of us must realize that violence and counter violence can only add to the sufferings of our people.
Of course, there is no readymade formula except a sustained credible process of dialogue with all the stake holders. That only can provide us a way forward.