Race is on

Race is on
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Since the day Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly has been dissolved National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah has been campaigning vigorously for his party. He has been asking people to vote for NC so that only one party government is formed.
During the past one month he has made many promises like granting regional autonomy to different regions of the state and establishing Truth and Reconciliation Commission to probe the killings which have taken place during the past 30-years in the Valley. But his only condition is that the NC should get complete majority.
During his recent visit to Anantnag in restive south Kashmir Dr Farooq opposed the “Operation All Out” and claimed that if NC comes into power it won’t allow any such operation as it leads to “repression.”
Dr Farooq has taken a lead and his trying to be everywhere so that his party can come into power again. The main aim of the NC at this point of time seems that it somehow wants to rule the state again. There seems no bar on the promises and it seems that sky is the limit.
NC leaders know it very well that Peoples Democratic Party has lost the ground and it poses no major threat this time around. The National Conference leaders are also aware about the fact that their party can easily emerge as the single largest party in the state and can later dictate terms to other political parties.
The NC president at present is following doctrine that “everything is fair in love and war” as elections in J&K won’t be anything less than a war. In coming days we will see politicians at their best as many of them would come up with big promises than autonomy, truth and reconciliation and much more. The race to score points has begun.