Disappointed over resignation of Shah Faesal: Former CS

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Srinagar, Jan 13: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary and state’s veteran retired top bureaucrat Sheikh Ghulam Rasool has expressed his disappointment over the resignation of Shah Faesal the 2010 IAS top from IAS the elite service saying that “Faesal would have done immense good to the people despite the fact that limitations of the service conduct rules.”
Saying that qualifying IAS is an achievement of distinction but becoming member of any political party is a public phenomenon the former Chief Secretary said, “I am am proud of bureaucrats serving people of Kashmir with distinction to mitigate their sufferings and I myself worked in a critical security scenario and mitigate the sufferings of people when they were in distress.”
A statement issued by Former Chief Secretary said, I feel sad and disappointed at the resignation of Shah Faisal. A brilliant and visionary officer would have done immense good to the people of the state despite the limitations of Service Conduct Rules. I had the same feelings and some hesitations on appointment as Chief Secretary of the State in midst of deep turbulence but my conscience along with pent up feelings pushed me to lend a helping hand to the people of the state at the time of their distress and acute pain. This decision was in spite of the sufferings in my family at that time. However, despite the overall critical security scenario and my limitation on this account, I had some satisfaction of doing my best to mitigate the sufferings of the people during my tenure and provide moral boosting to my colleagues in administration. I feel proud of the officers of the state who with all stress and strain have all along been doing yeoman’s service to the people of the State with full commitment, devotion and on several occasions at the cost and risk of their life and families.
Situations do change as change is inherent in Law of Nature. Faisal in future would have proved to be a source of strength and inspiration particularly for the youth of Kashmir. I wish him success in his future public life. But as abundant caution, I am not sure about his effective role in State politics. To become a member of elite service like IAS in the state is a real distinction but to become a member of a political party in the state is a common phenomenon. To me, state politics is borrowed from outside the boundaries of the state. Our political leaders have been found all along wavering at critical times to meet the aspirations of the people who, with all their sufferings, have unwaveringly trusted them and stood fast with them all along.
With more than three decades service in public affairs, I would very humbly plead with the State political leaders to have introspection of their past and evolve a common strategy for taking the State out of this quagmire of unending destruction, keeping in view what Maulana Rumi (RA) has said. “Service to the humanity excels you but self deception is deprivation”. (KNS)