Sandeep Lamichhane relishes ‘living the dream’

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Sandeep Lamichhane has been turning up for the Sylhet Sixers in the ongoing edition of Bangladesh Premier League. In an exclusive chat with Cricbuzz, the young spinner opened up about his beginnings, leg-spin, leagues around the world and everything Nepal.
Two years ago, you said that playing in the BBL would be a dream come true. How do you look back at it?
Sandeep: Until I went to Australia, I had only played in Asian and English conditions. What remained was playing in Australia. There was only one way that I could have played there and that was the Big Bash. I wanted to make my parents proud, everyone in Nepal proud, myself proud. I once dreamed it and now I’m living it.
Do you think playing in the Big Bash made you more compact?
Yes, exactly. Playing in different leagues helps you grow as a cricketer. Playing in Australia is different than playing in any other country. You have to be very careful regarding the wickets. The batsmen will try to hit a six off each of your delivery. And in Asian conditions, it’s much more comfortable for the bowler because the ball turns. In Australia, you don’t get that advantage.
What prompted you to leave BBL for BPL?
There was a commitment regarding Big Bash and BPL. And I got signed by BPL 10-11 months ago. I informed Big Bash about the policy of BPL… that I’ve been signed in BPL and so I’m only free from this date to that date. And that if you guys want me to be there, I will come and play for you guys in that duration. It was like a commitment I made to the BPL and their Sylhet Sixers chief executive Yasir Obaid played a big part in it. My ethics say that whoever comes forward in your low moment, just go with them. So, I forgot about BBL and came to play in BPL.
How did you become a legspinner?
I played alongside my brothers, my friends and people around the streets in my hometown. I used to bowl medium pace and offspin then. In a word, I used to bowl everything – just name it. But sometimes it was really hard to get them out. Then I started thinking about how to bowl them and how to beat them. I started with legspin and saw everyone struggling; I could beat them easily. That’s how it started.
Did you follow any bowler when you started bowling legspin?
When I first started with legspin, I did not follow anyone because we did not have a TV in our house. I used to listen to all the available commentary on the radio.