Rasheed offers Shah Faesal to join AIP

Says his resignation proves New Delhi denying rights to Kashmiris

Srinagar, Jan 10: Former legislator and AIP chairman Er Rasheed on Thursday said that the resignation of IAS topper Shah Faesal showed that New Delhi was denying rights to Kashmiri people, even as he appealed him to ‘not let people down and prove his words’.
Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, Rasheed said that by quitting IAS, Faesal had “proved that sincere people can’t serve under corrupt political dispensation and is authentication of the fact that Kashmiris are being denied their rights and are facing worst state terrorism.”
He said the reasons given by Faesal for his resignation confirmed that New Delhi was treating J&K as a “colony” and that the Kashmiri officers especially hailing from majority community were facing discrimination and alienation within the system. “…otherwise an IAS topper would never have been compelled to leave the job as he could have served more as a top class bureaucrats than as politician.”
Rasheed said it was for Shah Faesal to decide how he can achieve his goal or fight for the rights of Kashmiris. “While Shah Faesal’s decision deserves respect, likeminded people must sincerely offer him cooperation and he should in return not disappoint those who are hoping high on him,” said Rasheed.
“Since Shah Faesal has condemned atrocities on Kashmiris and has talked about legitimate rights of his people, as such Shah Faesal knows better than anyone that people are seeking resolution to Kashmir dispute in accordance with UN resolutions, end to nepotism, corruption, VIP culture, mis-governance and dynasty rule, hence he must not ignore the popular sentiment and sacrifices of masses.”
While taking next step is Shah Faesal’s own choice, Rasheed said, his joining any party not with good track record will lead to confusions and the intentions of Shah Faesal will come under question mark.
Rasheed said that his party will like to offer Shah Faesal to join AIP or even if he floats his own party or contests parliamentary elections as an independent candidate “we will love to join hands with him, subject to the condition he will speak louder and clear with sincerity about sacrifices and sentiments of masses and will not collaborate with those who don’t believe in giving right to self-determination to Kashmiris.”
Rasheed reiterated that his party is ready to merge with or follow any party and work with any individual who sincerely believes in fighting an everlasting resolution to Kashmir dispute in its historic perspective.