Mini Maternity Centre Ganderbal sans adequate staff

Shah Basit

Ganderbal, Jan 11: Mini Maternity Centre at Wayil Ganderbal established in 2013 lacks adequate staff with the patients who need maternity care here are being compelled to travel Srinagar for treatment.
“We see only one lady staff here. She too remains here for some time. The centre is without ambulance service. The diagnostic machines are literally rusted, because there is nobody who can operate them,” local residents said.
Residents of adjacent villages said that government should close the centre and use it for other purpose or sanction adquate staff to run the centre.”
They further said: “Government has spent huge money on the construction of this centre. The money has been wasted as the centre is unable to cater to the demands of maternity patients.”
According to a medical official, the centre requires at least one gynaecologist, few anaesthesia assistants, nurses, FMPHW, laboratory technicians, pharmacists and a medical officer.