Rural areas need doctors

Rural areas need doctors
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Kashmir is grappling with the dearth of doctors especially in rural areas. More doctors than the sanctioned strength have been posted in hospitals in Srinagar city.
Most of the doctors who have settled in Srinagar cityhave somehow managed to get themselves posted in and around the city. According to the media reports most of the hospitals and health centers in the rural areas are functioning without the requisite number of doctors. Most patients from rural areas are referred to Srinagar hospitals due to paucity of the staff.
It’s strange that doctors in Kashmir don’t want to serve in the rural areas. Whosoever has ruled Jammu and Kashmir till date has always claimed that health sector is the priority sector. But these claims have remained confined to papers only.
For the past six months Jammu and Kashmir has been under the central rule and people were hoping that health sector would improve. But it seems much attention has not been paid towards the health sector during the past six months. It’s clear that government has failed to rationalize staff in accordance with the patient load and has posted more doctors in city hospitals.
It has been observed that doctors look for green pastures and more lucrative careers soon after completing their degrees. The government needs to frame stringent rules to make serving in rural areas for doctors compulsory. Till stern measures are not taken rural areas in Kashmir would keep on facing the shortage of doctors in rural areas and patients would continue to suffer. Governor’s administration needs to pay attention towards this burning issue and address it so that people in the rural areas get some relief.