Ice won’t break?

Ice won’t break?
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again hinted that there are bleak possibilities about relations between India and Pakistan improving in coming days.
“It will be a huge mistake to believe that Pakistan will mend its ways after a war. It will take a lot of time,” PM Modi said in an interview to a wire agency.
Prime Minister has made a candid admission about the fact that India and Pakistan are far away from the negotiating table and there are no chances about both the countries holding a dialogue in near future.
As the parliamentary elections are coming near, the political parties, including the ruling BJP, are hardening their stance. It looks like that all the parties want to “teach” Pakistan a “lesson” and for time being Pakistan is “untouchable.”
It’s clear that no one in India would like to talk to Pakistan till the general elections are over.
As the polls are coming close the BJP has started counting its achievements and carrying out surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC) are being listed as one of the major achievements of the BJP led NDA government. Other achievements which BJP could count is that it broke the “back of separatists” in Kashmir and succeeded in killing more than 250 militants in Kashmir after it snapped ties with the Peoples Democratic Party in Jammu and Kashmir.
The Prime Minister Modi has said that surgical strikes should not be politicized but it seems that other BJP leaders are in no mood to take PM Modi’s advice. They have already started talking about surgical strikes and are hinting that the Government of India (GoI) could carry out more such strikes. Reconciliation and talks are a foregone conclusion.