Mehbooba’s triple talaq talk

Mehbooba’s triple talaq talk
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President of Peoples Democratic Party and former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti has taken the BJP led NDA Government head on for passing triple talaq bill in the Lok Sabha.
She has claimed that the proposed law would “worsen the economic condition of Muslim women.”
This is for the first time that PDP has spoken on the controversial bill. In 2015, the PDP entered into an alliance with the BJP for the first time in history of J&K. After New Delhi decided to bring the bill last year, neither the PDP, nor Mehbooba, who was then Chief Minister, ever spoke on the issue. It seems at that point of time Mehbooba was in no mood to annoy her former ally. BJP pulling out support from Mehbooba led government in June 2018, came as a rude shock for the PDP as the party had not even imagined that its partner would ditch it in such a way.
After losing power the PDP has realized that it committed a big mistake by entering into an alliance with the saffron party. By opposing the triple talaq bill now, Mehbooba is trying to control the damage, but the damage has already been done.
Had Mehbooba opposed this bill when she was in power it would have carried weight and would have made the BJP rethink? Now she is crying over the spilled milk. Everyone is asking one question why did not Mehbooba react when she was in power? At this point of time her reaction has not impressed many people. It’s more of a publicity stunt and nothing more. She needs to come up with some other ideas to put her act together.