Mehbooba expert in shedding crocodile tears: Vakil

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Srinagar, Jan 1: President Jammu and Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil Tuesday said that Mehbooba Mufti is a best drama queen who can play any character. She is an all time expert in shedding crocodile tears, he said.
Vakil said would Mehbooba Mufti answer why she was silent when she was in power and oversaw the massacre of young and old and thousands being blinded by pellets, and this all was happening under her nose.
Vakil said that it was under Mehbooba Mufti’s rule that the Jamia Masjid Srinagar faced the worst kind of desecration and this central mosque suffered the most.
While reacting to the recent statement of Mehbooba Mufti regarding the harassment of the families of the militants by the forces, Vakil said Mehbooba tries to again make a fool out of Kashmiris. “Should she answer the people as to why she failed as Chief Minister to stop the harassment of the families during her tenure? Now when out of power she is shedding crocodile tears.”
He said that as a CM she never bothered issue of Triple Talaq with the Prime Minister although she was enjoying power with the BJP. “She was silent on all issues related to the Muslim community. She had maintained graveyard silence when people in India were lynched by her allies. She was busy enjoying the corridors of power,” Vakil said.
Lambasting at both NC and PDP Vakil said both these opportunistic political parties can go to any extent for the sake of power. “This all is evident that whenever PDP and NC are out of power they make every effort to play with the sentiments of the people simply for lust of power. And when they are in power they totally forget the miseries, hardships and atrocities on the people. It is high time that people ignore and shunt out both these parties from the history future of Kashmir,” Vakil said.
He urged people to vote for the Third Option for which the process is being worked out so that peace with prosperity and dignity is restored in the State.
Vakil appealed to people to be aware of these demagogues who say one thing in power and another thing out of power. “Kashmiris can’t be befooled anymore. Both NC and PDP should be ready for a biggest defeat of this century in the coming elections so that State can get rid of dynastic politics and people will not suffer more by their hands,” Vakil added.
He reiterated that it is surprising to see that despite repeatedly disrespected and humiliated by Congress, the NC leadership again and again joining hands with the congress, only to get power at the cost of their honour and respect.