Challenge called life…

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Faizan Bashir

We often show lackadaisical approach towards our ambition — especially students, so are used to count excuses &loiter thereof. And, in the long run, contrition becomes our part.What of those who have met horrible tragedies, yet called by the titles given upon them. Are you privileged enough to do wonders then? Yes! You are!
The following odyssey will throw a light into the aforementioned, and break the stereotypes who hold the lame beliefs and lean on eternally with the same.
Imagine a man, while working on an ambition, falls down to the deep abysmal where ghastly voices are heard. And, amidst all these, not only he with the struggle at a stretch has come out from this but also starts on achieving the objective, unwavering.
The odyssey ismore than the ditch & ghastly voicesallegory!
“I am up to the Creek without a paddle, suicidal tendencies seems prevailing here and there,”said my friend. I asked him what’s the matter?“My father shuffled the mortal coil out of nowhere a while back” he replied. Death is inevitable—mortal creatures have to die each day…were some words which I,repetitively,posed on him to get in him some solace.
Within some days, another news broke out like the bolt from the blue. My eyes were deep-sunken on being heard of his mother’s death to boot who died of cardiac arrest. My crestfallen friendwas so influenced by the tragedies that the then mental asylum took it as a matter of concern.Remedies upon remedies… Who would have ever thought of?
If any one of you would ask me about his experience. I would exclaim that, `His heart has cried, his soul was pierced, his psychology was damaged…’
As someone has rightly said, “No obstacles can stop you from achieving something you are ambitious of” And, the same is seenin my friend – despitesufferings.
After some time, & with god’s grace, Improvement seems prevailing in him. And, he got rehabilitated in the due course.`However, the source of income was terminated by the tragedies to the hilt, and in spite of relying on the past-crippling events, he startsto earn his bread. And, what the most teaching thing he has been doingever since that he restarts to achieve the ambition along withthough some or the other sufferings still prevail.’