Save children!

Save children!
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Faizan Bashir

Children, who are regarded to be the future nation-builders, are going astray.Gone are the times when budsspend their spare time playing outdoors — hop-scotch, or even invent something to be well enjoyed and let others partake too. These days we witness and even compete when a child who was supposed to reside with his or her mother smoke things which carry pernicious substances.Not only children get their health deteriorated but also has inviting repercussions too.
I have something to narrate that will illustrate the foregoing point.
A little while back, I was invited to attend the wedding of one of our relatives. And, It was on the second day of the wedding I came to witnessthe children doing something strange on the terrace.The ‘crawling’ children rubbing something over the hands and putting into the cigarette, and puff it with no shivers if someone could creep. What has taken me aback was not only the grown-ups but some aged-persons along with!
As someone has rightly said: “If you want to destroy a nation, destroy children.” The same has happened, must be happening elsewhere too. And, who seems to stand against the plight! None.
Parents are the only beings, who could stop the menace and, refrain their children from doing obnoxious things. The following\suggestive points, if taken into practice, would reduce the plight to a ‘some good situation’:
1. Develop a sceptical approach towards your children. Doubt each and every action which seems dubious seemingly.
2. Keep educating them about the downsides of these things.
3. Smell their mouth if it stinks.
4. Make children accountable—where he or she goes, where from she or he has come.
5. Get yourself used to checking if the chum circle is worth spending time for your children with. If it isn’t, keep your child away from these-and, inform parents of the other children about the same.
Concluding with a positive attitude the same health-deteriorated children would find their way—where they have to go, what they have to do, to whom they are to meet…
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