‘Banning Namaz in public parks frustration of Yogi led Govt’

Srinagar, Dec 26: Ahmad Ayaz, Secretary, J&K Muslim Personal Law Board, on Wednesday said that having banned offering Namaz on Fridays in the Park in Noida by the Yogi government shows the kind of frustration and hatred towards Muslim community.
In a statement, Ayaz condemned the action of the government terming it as a direct interference in the religious affairs and as a step towards encroachment on the religious rights of the Muslims, called upon the BJP Govt not to communalize the issue aiming political gains and to withdraw the order in question forth with, also to facilitate the Namaz on Fridays in the Park there in Noida as it is being offered their in the Park right from the inception & no-one objected to it as offering just half an hour’s Namaz doesn’t cause any inconvenience or disturbance to anyone. (KNS)