Pendobal Vailoo residents demand bridge on Brengi Nallah

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Aman Malik

Anantnag, Dec 23: Residents of Hamlet Vailoo staged a protest against R&B and Rural Development Departments for showing non-serious attitude in not constructing a bridge leading to their hamlet on Brengi Nallah.
“Time and again authorities were apprised about this problem but it yielded no results,” a resident said
‘Life of people become miserable in rains and snowfall to cross Brengi Nallah as it has got turbulent flow during bad weather conditions, he added.
Students said they are not in a position to join their tuition when weather conditions are bad.
Students, businessmen, labourers and villagers have appealed Governor to look into the matter and direct authorities to initiate steps for constructing bridge leading to their hamlet.