Shahnawaz ali

Education in our country is most neglected. It is not properly directed. If I get a chance to work as the Advisor to Director of Education. I shall suggest to introduce many changes.
First of all I shall make primary education free and compulsory. I shall appoint only those’ teachers in primary schools who have a knowledge of child psychology. I shall never appoint a teacher who knows only the rule of the rod. The selection process of a teacher lecturer and a professor must be on the patterns of KAS/IAS Exams. The candidate who wish to be a teacher should not treat it as job but should deem that it is mission for him.The salary should be equal for primary teacher, lecturer and a professor .The selection of Director Education, Joint Directors, Chief Education Officers, Principal’s of colleges/Higher Secondary Schools, Zonal Education Officers and HOD’s of High schools should be on the basis of the administration experience, honesty and dedication. Political influence/interference should also be avoided in the department particularly in the transfer and adjustment of these officers and teachers I will raise the standard of education. I shall care more for vocational education. My aim will be to produce great engineers, doctors and artists scientists and great leaders etc. Moral education shall find first position in my scheme. Persian, Arabic, Hindi subjects must be from primary classes. Nowadays we are facing the problem of unemployment in our state. Every year in lacs students qualify BA/Bsc/MA.MSC examinations in different Universities. But there is not available ALLAUDIN KA CHIRAG in the hands of anybody who will provide jobs in lacs every year. Therefore Technical Education must be important from primary classes, so that we shall get rid from problem of unemployment. It should be also essential for a student to chose Medical stream or Arts from 6th classes instead of 11th class, so that we will find good doctors, good scientists good politicians etc. in future in our society. Character building will be the aim of every teacher of my state.The present system of examination will be changed. Promotion will be given on the basis of a student’s work in the session. Questions shall be set to test the intelligence of candidates.. I shall encourage meritorious student by giving them scholarships. For villages I shall make adult education compulsory.But all this is possible if the teachers put their heart in the work. For this I shall increase their salaries. I shall have education nationalised. There will be no difference between the private and Government Institutions. Govt. Schools will also be allowed to have books from primary levels on their own suggestions. I shall try to see that the teachers get good salary in time. They are real nation builders. I shall never let them starve or suffer. I hope that my dream would be realized before long.