Stray dogs scare Pulwama residents

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Srinagar, Dec 21: The stray dogs have become a nuisance in Pulwama district, with people complaining to be feeling threatened by the menace.
Locals said that packs of dogs are seen near and in the main bus stand, other streets, and the lanes of the town.
“The dogs have created a sense of fear among the people, especially the students. It has become a grave issue for the people now,” the locals said.
“The dogs are present every time in the town. They are very dangerous and can bite anytime,” Danish Illaahi said.
He added “the number of dogs is increasing day by day in the town but the authorities concerned pay no attention towards the safety of the people”.
Dozens of people have been bitten by the stray dogs in the town during last one year, he added.
He further added that “late evening a truck came from Srinagar with dogs and unload in Pulwama”.
Locals accused the municipal committee of showing no concern for the issue. “The height is that it (municipal committee) brings garbage and puts it in the bus stand. It lifts it only on the next day. This has made the bus stand a breeding ground for the dogs,” the locals said.
“The control methods used here are inadequate, as trapping is rarely a method that is considered and is totally undervalued and underutilized,” a Pulwama resident said.
People blame the government for not taking appropriate steps to prevent the increasing dog population.
Stray dogs are seen roaming on streets, chasing cars, pulling down bicycle riders and often attacking pedestrians, including school-going children.
The situation is worse in the outskirts of the city where the municipal corporation is not active enough in checking the menace.
When contacted, the executive officer, municipal committee Pulwama, didn’t pick up phone. (PTK)