President’s rule no solution to prevailing ‘grim’ situation: Hakeem Yaseen

President’s rule no solution to prevailing ‘grim’ situation: Hakeem Yaseen
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Srinagar, Dec 18: Saying that imposition of President’s rule would in no way help to improve the deteriorating political and security situation, former Minister and Chairman PDF Hakeem Yaseen on Tuesday urged for early assembly elections in the state to give voice to the people’s grievances and sufferings through their public representative.
In a statement, Hakeem said that neither Governor’s rule during last six months could improve the worst ever law and order situation in Kashmir and provide relief to the people of the state from their pain and agony nor Presidents rule would be able to make any positive change in the grim situation prevailing on ground in the restive state especially in Kashmir valley.
“Infact both the security and political situations in the state drifted from bad to worst during the last six months of the Governor’s rule,” Hakeem observed.
“Imposition of president’s rule hardly affects any positive change,” he said, adding that given the repeated failures of the Governor rule on political and law and order fronts, imposition of Presidents rule hardly matters to the people of the state.
“Best way to address the prevailing grim situation was to conduct early Assembly elections in the state so that people’s grievances could be heard and redressed on ground level,” he added.
He said naked dance of death and destruction has increased alarmingly during Governor’s rule and there was no platform for the people to give vent to their sufferings and hardships.
“Even mainstream political leaders were caged to stop them from raising the concerns and problems of the people during the Governor’s rule which led to further detritions of the overall political and law and order situation in the state,” he said.
Hakeem urged the Centre to stop ongoing bloodshed and mayhem in the state and install an elected public government as early as possible before it was too late to control the situation. (KNS)