PaK President condemns Pulwama civilian killings

PaK President condemns Pulwama civilian killings
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Islamabad, Dec 16: President of Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) Sardar Masood Khan on Sunday condemned the seven civilian killings in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.
“India wants to frighten people of Kashmir and weaken their freedom sentiments but she will never succeed in its evil designs. The latest wave of brutalities against the innocent people is nothing but a state sponsored terrorism,” Masood Khan said.
Terming the Pulwama killings by government forces as grave violation of the human rights, he said “gruesome act of terror has unveiled brutal face of India.”
It is high time that the United Nations intervene and establish a commission of inquiry in the light of the recommendation by Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to halt Indian state sponsored terrorism, he said.
“If international community fails to act swiftly, the concept of human rights, respect for humanity and human dignity will be left irrelevant. The United Nations is duty bound to protect the human rights of the people all over the world and Kashmir is no exception,” he said.
Saying that India is seeking military solution of Kashmir and wants to crush freedom struggle of Kashmir with “brute force,” Masood said India is wrong to assume this as people of Kashmir are determined to take their struggle to its logical conclusion.