Nizamuddin Bhat express shock over Pulwama killings

Nizamuddin Bhat express shock over Pulwama killings
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Bandipora, Dec 16: Senior PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat has expressed shock and dismay over the loss of lives at Pulwama on Saturday.
Bhat said Governor administration has unleashed reign of terror and there is no end to killings in Kashmir.
He said people are pushed to wall and outrage is becoming intense leading to total disbelief in reconciliation.
“New Delhi has been showing disregard to legitimate concerns of people of Jammu and Kashmir in all dispensations except for a spell of Vajpayee which witnessed some relief through confidence building measures and had raised hope for end to violence and mistrust.”
Bhat said youth of Kashmir has never been owned since insurgency and now the Governor administration is trying to solve problems through elimination.
He said all political parties who believe in resolution of Kashmir dispute and have felt cheated by New Delhi as and when these put their trust there, should unite to seek end to violence and Killings.
Bhat said whether congress or BJP, both national parties are grossly responsible for uncertainty in Jammu and Kashmir and the region and both parties resort to excesses to subjugate people of the state.
He said history is witness that people of the state have suffered and how they have been deceived at various junctures.
Making an appeal for unity in approach to mitigate miseries of the people, Bhat said civil society has to play a vital role in strengthening moves that can help.
He hoped society’s inner strength will come to play to make positive initiatives, resistance and resolution possible.