Writing Dilemma

Writing Dilemma
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Faizan Bashir

Many people zests for writing these days. The activity has become so great a thing that valuing it over any other `chasing one’s tail’ seems everywhere. They manage time for writing sterling things. The overall, humongous effect it has on the forthcoming aspirants would embolden them to the core.
How good it would be seeing the writers everywhere!
However, alas, therein lies the rub. Which, if not stopped, would turn out a dangerous thing. Amongst writers, a substantial number of writes out of egocentricity. Some write only to be fame…so are used to showing the`greatness of them’ to non-writers.The `I am great’fact not only has turned the noble activity to the sourcethrough writers swagger-but also ruins the motive(s) of writing. And, that’s the most horrid things have happened than ever before.
Very unfortunate, and seems we are heading towards the time wherethe writers (forthcoming)too would become prey to the same and grow like a cavity whichspoils inside without bothering to inform us.
That is exactly what happened, a couple of days back, with me. While I scrolling my Facebook page down – messenger flashed, and there I was told by a very young boy, “Suggestions for being a writer”. Enthused over the message, I was deeply feeling the exhilaration by virtue of him`wants to be a writer at a very young age’!
Subsequently, to dig it further a bit down for clarifying if the boy knows `why he wishes to write’, I enquired—why choose writing? “You are so familiar to the readers; you held respect to a great extent; I want everyone admires me like you” were the replies. Which is enough shaking thangetting you to feel proud.
The plight,in the same way, or the other,has gripped the world— especially theKashmirunabatingly.
Let’s understand, what does it mean to be a writer so as to make of it completely.
The writers are people who bring forth issues of the common people and try to resolve the same by their writing. They raise voices against any unjust thing happening or around the corner in the form of words—in fact, their words speak, they scream, they bleed…they make things happen. They have changed the rotten governance, system to good—
The fact must have reached us that the writer, who writes for the change – as the one should do for, doesn’t get time to think he is to receive a pat on a back. That’s the thereof fact—not a preconceivednotion, nor does he fall to the narcissistic holeyetremains happy with himself—as the issues are being cropped up every other dayon which he has to write… He cares and remains happy too.
So, to understand the situation which we are experiencing or going to experience is of urgent need!It should not be like that. Writing is a great activity, but just by dint of someunpleasantthingswhich writers\aspiring writers keep in mind are exacerbating theessence of the activityby itself!
Tailpiece: Many writers have misused writing for ulterior motives, or to put it clearly, they haven’t understood it. Before a man writes or wishes to write a single word, he must know that why he is writing.If it is all about to show extreme pride thereof writing or to gain some respect or to become familiar etcetera then in no way it becomes writing-it all becomes showcasing.
However, it is hoped the writers should contemplate over the issues and stamp down the same.
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