Er Rasheed welcomes resolution over Rohingyas

Handwara, Dec 13: Welcoming the resolution passed by US Law makers calling crimes against Rohingya Muslims as ‘genocide’, AIP President Er Rasheed on Friday appealed US Administration to move beyond words and fulfill its duties towards humanity without discrimination and being biased.
In a statement, Er Rasheed said, “Though Human Rights Organizations have been crying since long about the shameless and brutal massacres of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar but the largest Super Power of the world unfortunately did not play the role it should have played.”
He said that it is high time to turn words into action and stop humanity from getting shamed in Myanmar and other conflict zones around the world. “The resolution passed by US law makers needs serious follow up and Trump Administration can play a vital role in making the Myanmar government accountable and responsive,” he said.
He added that while the role of world community has been disappointing towards Muslims of Myanmar, it should condemn and act against Aung San Sukyi without being apologetic to stop the dirty massacres of innocent Muslims.
“The world community and US must impose strict restrictions against Myanmar and also intervene by all possible means to stop genocide of innocent Rohingyas,” he said, adding that the situation in Myanmar demands a similar response what was shown by US and the world community towards the atrocities on Bosnian and Serbian Muslims by Slobodan Milosevic.
Er Rasheed appealed India and other neighboring countries not to see the sufferings of Burmese’s Muslims through communal angle and added that New Delhi too must fulfill its duties towards the helpless and unarmed citizens of its neighboring country.