Ensure basic amenities to people: NC to admin

Srinagar, Dec 12: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Wednesday expressed dismay over the worsening security situation coupled with absence of basic amenities in the state particularly in south Kashmir areas.
In a statement issued from party headquarters Nawa-e-Subah, Srinagar party’s south zone president Dr. Basher Ahmad Veeri said that the monster of conflict has devoured Kashmir and its people and left many families tormented. “The sporadic night crackdowns, random arrests have aggravated the people to core. The incumbent governor administration continues to deal with the situation with an iron fist strategy. Furthermore absence of any parallel re-conciliatory approach is disenchanting people especially youth,” he said.
Dr Veeri said that basic and effective amenities are being denied to people. “Every sector of economy and social life is going through tough times in south Kashmir areas. The recompense that was given to farmers wasn’t to their satisfaction. The widespread administrative inertia is adding to the mounting woes of people in south Kashmir districts,” he said.
“The erratic electricity, unsteady water supply has become norm of the day; there is no accountability on ground. The situation is no better in health facilities,” he said.
South Zone President said that the governor administration was supposed to look after the administrative and other allied issues until a popular democratic government is in place. “However the administration is not rising up to the expectations of people. I urge the governor administration to ensure people all basic facilities. The honorable governor should himself take stock of administration necessities in the south Kashmir areas. It does not augment well for a democratic society to shut its eyes and ears to the mounting miseries of people,” he said.
Veeri said that long term conflict and insecurity among people has hedged the development scenario in the whole of south Kashmir areas. “The need of the hour is to pacify the situation by means of a conciliation and rapprochement with people especially the youth. Conditions should be created so that area is back on the track of development,” he said.