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Aazib Manzoor

In the pursuit of understanding oppression, one can hardly heave past the boulders of racism without taking them in to account. After all, every kind of oppression is a crude form of racism against a particular race. The prominent example of racism that pierced the European history was anti Semitism, devised and disseminated through the dark precociousness of literature and art. But racism on lower grounds never came to a dead hiatus. Anti Semitism evolved in to a history of its own, which eventually lead to the creation of the Jewish state of Israel.
But as books celebrated the end of history’s one of the biggest misfortunes, racism of skins came to gain the hype for the good. A traditionalist kind of racist thought, unlike anti Semitism that mostly gained momentum from the 19th century, was challenged. This time, the victim of French Revolution’s fainted ideas was USA, where everyone was equal and a first class citizen except the Negroes, who were profiled as unequal to the white man. The white man came to be symbolized with a polemical archfiend, which represented some and misrepresented some. Through contrasting ways, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. demolished the wires of color segregation in a country on which every eye was fixed on.
Racism kept evolving in an extemporaneous way. One of the many faces of racism was formed through the propagation of an irrelevant nation building technique. In the consolidation of post modern technological boom, racism glued itself to capital. The more than enough quantity of capital brought to the scene the gun’s barrel that began to dictate the essence of this world. All of this initiated from the west, where materialism was encouraged and discouraged as well, but was always talked. West had to ploy a way to induce racism to maintain their superiority complex, so they drew a rift between people on the basis of development. Until a country mowed itself on the path of The Western Model, it was to be racially inferior. Pakistan and Turkey are the standout examples that miserably failed to keep in process their western model. While India, being a stronger democracy than the previously mentioned countries, rejected the western model of nation building and with it the racist germs of the west. But the indigenous racist elements were always there, from pre colonization to post colonization. Like the games of politics mostly turn around, politics in India came to be dictated by racism as well. But it was spurious and merely for the purpose of votes, which now has created a rift between people on religious basis. This sort of racism was getting promoted all over the world, hence changed a mere political arrow to become a reason of division that today threatens the values of the nation. Islamaphobia is a revised and radical form of Anti Semitism that started as a hidden global campaign to sabotage the conscience of a particular community, to eradicate the staunch belief over their faith and to claw ideas that were against their own selves.
History has created peaceful and chaotic human incarnations, giving the former the values of a savior and the latter the characteristics of a revolutionary. History is yet to give us a combination of the two, that might perhaps root out the roots of racism.
The author is student of BA(Hons) English Literature, Aligarh Muslim University and can be reached at atziaazib@gmail.com