PDP turns saint,BJP evil!

PDP turns saint,BJP evil!
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Peoples Democratic Party has taken the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath head on. The senior PDP leader and the former minister Naeem Akther has accused Yogi of trying to create another “Pakistan within India.”
It seems the PDP has forgotten that just five months ago it shared power with the BJP and when Yogi Adiytanath won the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh the Peoples Democratic Party sent a big congratulatory message to its ally BJP for sweeping the biggest state of the country.
It seems someone needs to tell the PDP leaders that memory of the people is not so short lived that they would forget that the PDP brought BJP into Kashmir and allowed it to make inroads in the Valley. Today the same PDP is finding faults with BJP and is projecting it as the number one enemy of Muslims.
After sharing power with the BJP for three and a half years, PDP has woken up suddenly and the party has trained all its guns towards the saffron party. It seems PDP is trying to tell the people that it made a big mistake by entering into an alliance with BJP. The PDP is trying to gain sympathy by targeting the BJP leaders like Yogi Adityanath, who are infamous for being anti-Muslim.
The PDP knows that it would have to approach the people in coming months to seek votes as fresh assembly elections are on cards. By upping the ante against the BJP the PDP wants to gain sympathy and it’s trying to tell people that BJP is responsible for Kashmir being in mess. But PDP leaders should bear in mind that people have watched PDP closely during all these years and it’s not easy to forget that PDP drifted from its ideology just for the sake of power.