CUK’s deptt of Management Studies, IPE Hyd sign MoU

Srinagar, Dec 3: The department of Management Studies (DoMS), Central University of Kashmir (CUK) and the Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), Hyderabad have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
The main objective of the agreement is to establish cooperation between the two institutions. “IPE would introduce specialized courses on Public Enterprise Management for Post Graduate Students and work jointly with DoMS in order to achieve better standards in education and to improve the quality of curricula. IPE would help the DoMS in setting up specialized centres for research such as Corporate Governance, CSR, Public Policy, etc. IPE would work with CUK, DoMS to introduce doctoral programme in Public Enterprise Management and provide access to reading resources, faculty support and fellowships for researchers to university / college teachers (on pay protection basis and post graduates with NET qualification) offered by the Indian Council of Social Science Research, MHRD, GoI. IPE would provide special travel grant and accommodation for researchers working on public enterprises,” the MoU read.
It further read that both the DoMS and IPE would share academic experience and generate mutual synergy leading to development of more effective and innovative teaching methods.
IPE faculty would assist DoMS in launching online education in the area of Public Enterprise Management. In order to share academic and research activities, DoMS and IPE also agreed to exchange their literature and publications on complimentary basis by placing each other on the regular mailing list. They also agreed to explore opportunities of student exchange as well as exchange of the academic staff.
To promote the exchange of knowledge and further educational understanding, both agreed to work together on joint projects for the introduction of the latest business, managerial and marketing developments into their curriculums, and for the implementation of advanced educational programmes. They will also cooperate to organize joint conferences, seminars, workshops, training programmes.