We should strive for restoration of whole state’s politico-financial autonomy: Hakeem Yaseen

Srinagar, Dec 2: Alongside striving for protection of JK Banks autonomous character, Chairman PDF Hakeem Yaseen has pitched for a joint platform to fight for restoration of states overall political and financial autonomy eroded during last 6 decades
In a statement issued Sunday, Hakeem Yaseen appealed all the concerned civil society and political groups to make joint efforts for restoration of state’s overall autonomy just as all have joined hands to protect JK Bank from reducing it to a PSU through a SAC decision. He said once autonomy of the state was restored, interests of all the institutions functioning here would be automatically safeguarded. “However we shall have to come under a joint platform for achieving this mission through a peaceful struggle, Hakeem Yaseen asked all the political and civil society groups in the state adding that restoration of political and financial autonomy to the state was the best way to respect aspirations of the people.
He said that though erosion of the autonomous character of J&K Bank was not a good decision and SAC decision about this must be revoked, at the same time the Bank needs to be make accountable to the people by bringing it under the ambit of RTI. He said management of the J&K Bank should come clean on the allegations of favoritism in providing out of way credit facilities to few influential politicians and business persons during last 6 decades adding that the Bank should issue a white sheet about big fishes who have wilfully defaulted and usurped public money worth hundreds of crores. He said , infact, those are the vested interests who have always since last about 7 decades played with the rights of the state’s common people for their personal greed. ” White paper against big willfull defaulters would help to improve image of the JK Bank among general masses ,” Hakeem Yaseen added.