KPs living in Kashmir demand opening of Shardha Corrdior

Anantnag, Dec 2: The group of Prominent Kashmiri Pandits Living in Kashmir assembled at Dak Bungalow to press the demand for reopening of Shardha Mandir located in PaK, Just like Kartarpur Corridor.
The Pandits demanded that the Corridor be made operational just like Kartarpur as Mata Shardha has great significance for Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus.
Sunny Raina, President of Vessu Transit Camp stressed for its early reopening and said that Shardha is our Isht devi and we want simple permit to visit this deity.
Ranjan Jyotshi, President Mattan Camp also stressed for its reopening and said that we have been waiting anxiously from 70 years for its reopening. It is the matter of our faith.
The pundits of Kashmir have an immense belief that whatever bloodshed or mayhem is in Kashmir nowadays is due to the neglect of their Presiding deity Shardha Mata.
Vinod Pandit chairman APMCC -The Pioneer of temple movement in Kashmir always wanted to do something to reopen Shardha Mandir. He started the movement to reopen the shrine way back in 2006 under the APMCC banner.
In this regard Vinod Pandit alongwith National Spokesperson King C Bharati and other delegates were invited by Narendera Modi Ji for discussions and APMCC stressed for the need to take up the Shardha Mata issue with Paksitan Government for reopinign of the temple.
It was APMCC which has been fighting singlehandedly for the reopeining of the temple and we all support the organisation for which we are ready for any sacrifice.
First of all he blocked the road in uri near 12 Brigade, Then in 2011, He did fast unto death for 10 days at Press club Jammu.
Again in 2013-Under the Protest program Porbander Chalo, He again did the 15 days fast unto death at Sudama chowk in Port city of Porbander Gujarat. During this Protest the health of Vinod jee suffered immensely. He was left with 8 gm Hb only and his weight reduced drastically to 55 kgs.
After the 4th day of his protest, The Then CM of Gujrat Shri Narendra Modi sent his minister Baba bhai Bhokadia to Persuade Vinod ji to end his fast. After the 15 days the J&K Govt. in writing appealed to Vinod ji end his fast and said that “we have ceased all issues “This letter was sent through the district collector Porbander.
The 15 days fast unto death soon gained momentum in whole Porbander .
We want reopening of Shardha Mandir and it’s corridor just like Kartarpur immediately.
The volunteers present in programme wereRanjan jotshi, Vinod Tickoo, Roop Krishan Saproo, Romi Koul, Rajesh Bhat, Sunil Koul, Rakesh Bhat, Anku Koul, Sunny Raina, Sunil Pandit, Surinder Pandita, Anil Koul, Vikas Dhar, Sanjay Pandita , Ajay Raina, Anil Handoo and scores of Hindus living in Kashmir.