Imran’s peace talk

Imran’s peace talk
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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Kashmir is the only issue between India and Pakistan. “The only issue between us is Kashmir, all it needs is just two capable leaderships to resolve this issue. Just imagine the potential we have if our relationships get strong,” said Khan.
Since the day Imran Khan has taken over the reins of Pakistan he has been reiterating that if Kashmir issue is resolved India and Pakistan can move ahead and write a new chapter in the history of the subcontinent.
Pakistan Prime Minister stated that his government and Army are on the same page over having “civilized relationship” with India.
Imran Khan even hinted at Pakistan having softened its stand on Kashmir by stating that this issue has to be resolved on the humanitarian grounds. He even cited the example of Germany and France, which were on opposite sides of the battleground during the Second World War. “If France and Germany managed to come together after waging such a big war in which so many people on both sides died, why can’t we do the same? They have an open border now, and fruitful business ties. When they could break their chains of hatred, why can’t we? We also killed each other in the years past, but we did not try an honest hand at peace,” he said.
Just before the opening of Kartarpur corridor the Prime Minister Narendra had equated opening of this corridor with the falling of Berlin wall. He had exuded hope that opening of Kartarpur corridor would pave the way for improving relations between the two countries.
Khan said that making borders soft would help in bringing people closer to each other and would usher a new era of peace and development.