Governor intelligently introducing RSS agenda: Vakil

Srinagar, Nov 27: President Jammu and Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and former minister, Abdul Gani Vakil Thursday said the decisions made by Governor Satya Pal Malik regarding J&K bank and transfers of some top officers in civil administration smells out the conspiracies of RSS-BJP.
The Governor is drawing the agenda of RSS-BJP in the state, he said.
Vakil said by making J&K bank a public sector is an attempt to erode Article 370 and added that when all public under takings are running in losses in the state, how J&K bank can flourish by making it public undertaking.
“Governor is intelligently introducing RSS agenda in the state and it looks that he is administering the state on communal lines,” he said.
Expressing serious concern over the way transfers are made in the administration, Vakil said by making some important transfers in the administration and transferring a senior most officer from the Law department to Cooperatives Department and replacing him with a junior one, who is a close relative of a BJP leader and even not in a grade of special secretary, is exposing the Governor’s plans of painting a communal agenda in the state.
He said similarly out of four advisors to Governor three are non-state subjects and the only one from the State has been deprived off important portfolios.
“Governor is trying to show himself Mr honest but he is doing the same what he is directed by the BJP Govt,” he said.
Addressing a press conference here, Vakil said the bringing J&K bank under PSU is aimed to damage the economic stability of the State as all the PSUs are painting a shabby picture. “This decision should be relooked before it snowballs into a major controversy. We as people of Jammu and Kashmiri are emotionally attached with J&K bank. We won’t allow any such nefarious design aimed to ruin it,” he said.
Vakil said the recent claim made by NC, PDP and Congress to form the Government in the state was not at all to safeguard interests of the J&K.
“It was simply an attempt by these parties to save their parties from breaking as most of the MLAs of these parties were ready to defect in other to form a Government with others. Showing anger over dissolution was a fake outburst and lip service,” he said.
Hitting hard at NC and PDP and Congress, Vakil said their claim that unity of these three parties was needed to safeguard Article 370 is a white lie as these parties are responsible for the erosion of Article 370 by making 42 amendments.
“Also Congress abolished post of Prime Minister and Sadre Riyasat in the state and recently PDP led government passed the GST in the state that has further eroded state’s special status,” he said.