BJP ‘eager to destroy Constitution’: Dr Farooq

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New Delhi, Nov 27: Hours after Jammu and Kashmir governor Satya Pal Malik made a candid admission that he chose to dissolve the assembly over ‘installing’ Sajjad Lone’s government, National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah hailed Malik for having taken the ‘right decision’. Alleging that the BJP is ‘eager to destroy the Indian Constitution’, Abdullah demanded that elections should be held in his state with ‘decency’.
“He (Malik) took the right decision which we will all remember. It shows how BJP is so eager to destroy the constitution as much as possible. I think they don’t believe in the Constitution. That is what they are doing in Delhi. They are trying to change the entire Indian constitution. And this is the experiment they are doing in Srinagar,” Abdullah said in a telephonic conversation a national news channel.
“They were doing everything… Spending money like anything. Governor took a good decision. Thank god he took the right decision. The elections must be held and they must be held in total decency. Without BJP’s interruption. The machines should be good and people should vote freely. No coercion,” he added.
Speaking at an event earlier on Tuesday, Malik had said, “Had I looked at Delhi, I would have had to install Sajjad Lone’s government and in history, I would have been known as a dishonest person. So, I ended the matter (by dissolving the Assembly). Those who want to abuse me, will do so, but I am convinced that what I did was right.”
Meanwhile, BJP leader Kavinder Gupta asked Malik to come clear on his statement. Gupta urged that the Governor should make clear- in what context he made the statement.