NC, PDP can play opportunistic politics to save their ‘dynasty throne’: Vakil


Srinagar, Nov 26: Coming down heavily on NC and PDP for their opportunistic politics to save their “dynasty throne”, President Jammu and Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil Monday said these two parties have once again got exposed before the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Addressing a party convention at Nowpora Sopore, Vakil said the alliance of “Haste and Waste” was simply to grab power as if it is their fiefdom and they were so in haste that they buried bitterness of decades in few hours only to claim the formation of government without giving common minimum programme which is otherwise a routine process when multi-parties form an alliance,” Vakil added.
During his address to the party workers convention, Vakil said, had these parties stitched an alliance on the similar lines for the resolution of Kashmir issue, the situation would have been very different in State especially in Kashmir Valley. “People would not have suffered so much and thousands of people would not have got killed, hundreds would not have disappeared and today we would not have an army of orphans and widows wailing every month in Partap Park searching for their loved ones,” Vakil added.
Vakil alleged that NC, PDP and Congress have always preferred uncertainty in the State and never tested peace as they have the “lust for power” to loot state exchequer and shower benefits to their kith and kins. Their claim that the said alliance was to protect Article 370 is totally a white lie. May i tell them that all the three of you are responsible for erosion of Article 370 and made 42 amendments to implement Central laws in the State simply to appease Delhi to secure the power. “Vakil asked isn’t it Congress Party who abolished nomenclature of Prime Minister and Sadr-e-Riyast, thereby damaged the special status of State and also asked who is responsible for passing land grants bill and recently made amendment by implementing GST in the State.
Terming the dynastic rule a form of dictatorship, Vakil said the time has come to fight the dynastic rule from Delhi to Srinagar and appealed people to come forward to support Jammu and Kashmir Bachao Tehreek for the formation of Third front which will sincerely fight to end dynastic rule, communalism and corruption from the State. Besides others who addressed the convention include Secretary JKBT, Advocate Syed Gowher, Spokesperson Hakim Parvez, Provincial Secretary Advocate Shoiab Ahmad and District Organizer Gh Mohd Shagoo.