Khawaja Sanaullah, Sofi Ghulam Muhammad shining stars of our journalistic history: Malik

Srinagar, Nov 26: Incarcerated chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik on Monday said that the father of honest journalism in Kashmir Khawaja Sanaullah Bhat and legendry Sofi Ghulam Muhammad were unblemished luminaries of journalistic history.
“They were personalities whose social and literary works will always be written in Golden words,” Malik said in a statement.
Recalling the persona of Khawaja and Sofi on their death anniversaries, Malik who is in police custody from Nov 19 till date in his message to the media, said that “these two greats from our journalist fraternity represent a glorious page of our history and their truthfulness, fearless journalism and social works should always be remembered and cherished by the people of Jammu Kashmir.”
Malik while recalling his close association with Khawaja Sanaullah of Daily Aftab said that “for him Khawaja Marhoom was like an elder whose company comforted him and infused new valor and passion in him at the time of need.”
“Khawaja Sanaullah Bhat was a brave, fearless, and straight forward person, a dynamic and fearless writer and matchless patriot. He always wrote what he thought was right and productive for the society. He never wrote to please anybody or for getting any personal benefits,” he said.
Malik said that Khawaja loved Allah and his heart was full of love for Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
He said that he encouraged and taught the new generation of Kashmiris, provided them knowledge and educated them to serve society. “This is his biggest contribution to this nation and today while we observe his day and remember him, we need to introspect and try to adhere to the high principles and standards set by the great intellectual and saint,” he said.
Recalling the great personality of Sofi Ghulam Muhammad of Srinagar times, Malik said “when everyone else compromised on truth and fact, Sofi stood for it and wrote and propagated the facts. He was a prolific writer who had courage to stand for the truth and oppressed in worst situations.”
Malik said that “a person who serves his people and leaves better legacy for them is always remembered by nations and Sofi was such a person.”
Malik also prayed for the heavenly abode for Khawaja and Sofi and prayed to Allah almighty for their heavenly abode.