Dissolved assembly in J&K’s interest: Governor

Dissolved assembly in J&K’s interest: Governor
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Jammu, Nov 22: Asserting that he chose the ‘mubarak din’ of Eid to dissolve the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, Governor Satya Pal Malik on Thursday said that the decision has been taken in the interest of the state.
“I have no personal interest but the decision of dissolving Legislative Assembly was taken in the ambit of state constitution in the interest of the people and the state,” Malik here told reporters at a press conference at the Raj Bhawan, a day after dissolving the Assembly.
Rejecting the claims of National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party that the Governor did not respond to their e-mails, tweets or any other mode they adopted to approach him claiming government formation, Malik said, “Nobody approached me, no list was forwarded and none of the MLAs were paraded and I did not entertain anybody personally.”
“They (NC, PDP, Congress) had five months’ time and now when I have only half-a-month left for my term (Governor’s Rule) to end, why have they suddenly woken up from a slumber,” he wondered. “The decision taken was in the interest of the people and the state and under an ambit of the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution.”
Without naming the NC, PDP and Congress, the Governor said, “These are the forces which does not want grassroot democracy in the state.”
“On finding themselves helpless and sensing the situation slipping out of their hands, they initiated an ‘unholy’ alliance,” he asserted.
“I did not favour anybody and the dissolution of the Assembly was carried out keeping in mind the interest of the people,” said the Governor.
“Since the day one of my appointment, I have been saying as a Governor I am not in favour of any government formed in the state with underhand defection and horse trading,” he said. “I would instead want that elections be held and elected government rules the state.”
On a question that allegations have been leveled by these political parties that it was a “murder of democracy”, the Governor said, “I did what they have been demanding for. Rather, they should be happy.”
On Mehbooba’s allegations that nobody received the fax on Wednesday at the Raj Bhawan, the Governor said, “My office was shut because of Eid, so I got no communication from Mehbooba Mufti. She could have approached me a day before. On a holiday no one was sitting next to fax machine. These are all excuses.”
“I don’t tweet or follow twitter. Does social media change the government?” he maintained.
On a question that the decision was taken after consulting BJP Headquarter, the Governor said, “if I would have followed instructions from the headquarters then definitely, I would have called any one of them but I did not listen to anybody and did what could have been done in the interest of the people and as per the state constitution.”
On regional parties threatening to go to the Court, Malik said, “they can move to the court. They have all right. I have done what they wanted.”
However, on Assembly elections, scheduled for 2020, the Governor added, “we will work only on the development of the state and further what is needed to be done has to be decided by the Election Commission of India.”
The Governor also said that he was receiving complaints of horse trading and threats to the MLAs, following which he took this step and dissolved the Assembly.
“I have been receiving complaints for past 15 days of horse trading and that MLAs were being threatened,” Malik said.
He said, “Mehbooba Mufti herself complained that her MLAs are being threatened. The other party said there is planning of distribution of money, so I could not have allowed this to happen.”
“Had I given them the more time, the situation I doubt could have worsened and the political value system could have spoiled like it happened in many other states,” he maintained.
Four-phase Urban Local Bodies polls passed of peacefully and out of nine-phases in ensuing Panchayat Polls, two have passed off without any reports of any incident of violence or law and order problem, he said.
The Governor further said, “we are taking democracy to grass root level, people by and large taking part and it is a part of development, adding, “it is an attempt of such forces, who do not want polls to take place, they boycott them and trying to play spoilsport.”
“Our security forces are working with every synergy and coordination in every tough situation and performing their duties to restore stability,” he said adding that 50 to 60 militants have been neutralized and in 2 to 3 months, hardly any case of youth joining militant outfits, are being reported.
“The situation could have been worsened if such an “unholy alliance” was allowed to form the government and it would have been an opportunistic government, damaged everything due to their internal fights,” alleged the Governor.
The Governor on Wednesday issued an order dissolving the Legislative Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir with immediate effect.
The Governor came to this conclusion based on the material available to him from multiple sources.
As per official communiqué, the Governor said that the impossibility of forming a stable government by the coming together of political parties with opposing political ideologies including some which have been demanding dissolution of the Assembly; whereas the experience of the past few years shows that with the fractured mandate that is there in the Assembly, it is not possible to form a stable government comprising of like-minded parties.
“The coming together of such parties in a grouping is nothing but an attempt to gain power rather than to form a responsive government,” he said and added that reports of extensive horse trading and possible exchange of money in order to secure the support of legislators belonging to widely diverging political ideologies just to be able to form a government. Such activities are not healthy for democracy and vitiate the political process.
“Serious doubts about the longevity of any such arrangement where there are competing claims of majority,” said Malik.
He said that the fragile security scenario in the state of Jammu and Kashmir where there is a need to have a stable and supportive environment for security forces which are engaged in extensive anti- militancy operations and are gradually gaining control over the security situation.
The Governor came to the conclusion that, in this background, he has satisfied himself that the best course of action is to dissolve the assembly so as to provide stability and security to the state and hold elections at an appropriate time so that a government with a clear mandate is duly formed.